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1. 短時間內上手的街頭自衛術


Capable of defending yourself in a street confronatation

WingTsun is developed for physically smaller and weaker people to defend themselves. Sifu Robin follows the teaching method taught by Great Grandmaster Leung Ting (the instructor of Special Combat instructors) in helping his students to obtain the self-defence skills within 3 - 6 months.

2. 強化關節
詠春拳強調關節發力發勁,並要求身型中正挺拔。練習詠春拳對很多都市病例如低頭族﹝肩頸痛﹞、腕管綜合症 (滑鼠手)、膝痛都有舒緩效果。

Enhance Joint mobility

In WingTsun, we emphasize on generating power from various joints in our body. It helps relieve tension from shoulders and neck,  wrisit pain and knee pain.

3. 男女老少皆適合

Suitable for both men and female

WingTsun is a system that does not require practictioners to be super flexible . We do not teach arcobatic moves like split, aerial flips, etc.  Although it is an aggressive fighting system, but students would train in a safe scenario. We teach how to control "force" before students engage in sparring. We recommend students (especially female students) to wear the chest protector during partner-exercises. Thus, WingTsun is suitable for ladies and kids aged from 6 or above.


4. 無需武術經驗

No pre-martial art expereiences is required

You do not have to be very fit or physically strong to do WingTsun. From my 16 years of teaching expereince, students who have no other martial art background usually pick up WingTsun quicker.

5. 狹窄的空間便運用

WingTsun can be applied in small-space areas

WingTsun is a close-range combat system and can be applied in crowed areas such as MTR, elevators, bars and discos. This is why Hungarian troops and Indian speical police "Black Cat" adopt "Leung Ting WingTsun" as their combat system.

6. 極細小空間便可練習


Can be practised in limited space

There is saying in Chinese kung fu "To practise Kung Fu within an area that a cow can lie down". You can practise WingTsun any time, anywhere in very limited space.

7. 釋放工作學業壓力

Relieving stress from work & study

When you practise WingTsun, a chemical called "Endorphin" would release inside your brain and give you a pleasant and relaxing feeling. Hitting and kicking wooden dummies, wall bags and sparring practice with your training partners help you to relieve the stress of your daily work.


8. 增強肌肉柔軟度彈性

Reduce body fat and enhance muscle elasticity

WingTsun emphasizes "Soft & elasticity". For example, we will introduce our students various techniques to open up their tight muscles when they are practising "The little Idea Form" (The fundamental set in WingTun). Besides, The chain-punches (Aka "Machine Gun punches) , the icon punching techniques, is a very effective way to tone up the upper arms and do away the flabby arms (bye bye meat).


9. 擴闊社交圈子

Make friends with people from different path of the social circle

You would meet friends of different ages, social scopes on our WingTsun classes.

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