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Master Robin started to learn Taekwon at the age of 10 and obtained his black belt after several years of training. However, he always had doubt about fighting/defending himself agains adversaries that are physically stronger and bigger than him. Such doubt led him to start seeking for a system that is designed for smaller person to fight againt bigger oppoents on street scenarios.



After months, he found Leung Ting WingTsun. The logical street-oriented fighting system that is full of fighting wisdom and its scientific, systematic training regime fasinated Robin. After three years of dedicated training, Robin has obtained the Primary Level Technician, an assistant instructor level of IWTA, and started helping out his instructor to teach for the sake of understanding WingTsun to a deeper level. 







After two years working as an assistant instructor, Robin passed an instructor exam and was promoted to "Sifu" level (2nd level Technician) by his Sigung Great Grandmaster Leung Ting.  Sifu Robin started to accept students openly. At the same time, he learnt Muay Thai, Filippino Arnis & Escrima so as to undertsand combat more. However, Sifu Robin thinks that WingTsun is the most suitable street-oriented combat system for him.














"Students are reflections of the master"---After teaching, Sifu Robin realised and found areas that he should work more on and got more corrections at, he therefore started seeking instruction and corrections from his Sigung Leung Ting. Until now (year 2016), Sifu Robin is lucky enough to learn the advanced WingTsun programs including the Wooden Dummy program, Sticky Legs (Chi-Gerk) program, the WingTsun long pole and the WingTsun double knives program from his Sigung.  Besides, he follows his GGM Leung Ting to China to give performances and WingTsun intensive seminars.














Today, even though Master Robin has learnt up the whole Leung Ting WingTsun system, but he never satisfies  and feel completed, he continues to study and get corrections from GGM Leung Ting both on instructor tutorials and private tuition.

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